london gateway-yoke

The Brief

Yoke was asked to visualise the design of a new training centre at London Gateway. The site was a run down 1960s building, that required new floors, ceilings and repainting.  Yoke needed to create a nourishing educational environment that would stimulate, engage and uplift employees at London Gateway.  At the same time we needed to heed practical issues such as greasy jackets and boots from working on the port

manorway house-before
manorway house-yoke-design
london gateway-yoke-design

The Artwork

Yoke designed bespoke artwork and graphics for the space, using imagery from the port itself in order to elevate and engage the subject matter of the port.

manor way house - yoke-london

The Design

Yoke devised a scheme that was light, bright and engaging.  We chose wipe clean surfaces throughout and where possible, used vinyl so that existing furniture could be updated rather than buying new.

manorway_v1.break_low res.jpg
manorway house-proposal-yoke