The Brief

Tastaly is an ambitious start-up, offering the finest Sicilian produce to UK food buyers.  It has offices in London and Italy and uses it's London office as place to conduct client meetings and as a showroom for their products.  We thus needed to create an environment that would demonstrate their Sicilian heritage and expertise in food distribution. 

The Challenge

The office space is situated in a converted Victorian factory building, with exposed brickwork on one wall and breeze blocks on the other three. The office space is also rented so we therefore needed to ensure all graphics could be removed once Tastaly expands to a larger space.  

The Result

We combined two of Sicily's most iconic symbols: the Sicilian painted tile and of course, the food produced in Sicily.  From these we created a colour palette of black, white and olive green to complement to the red of the brick walls.  We created bespoke artwork using these themes to use in both individual prints and as wallpaper.  The result is an office space transformed into a concept store.  

Tastaly tile_for print.jpg
Tastaly - yoke-london
tastalu tile_veg-02.png
tastalu tile_veg-01.png
tastalu tile_veg-04.png